From rock chips to scratches, the elements can do a lot of damage to the shiny paint job on your car. Protect your vehicle from everyday environmental hazards by contacting Elite Clear Bra! Elite Clear Bra specializes in the installation of Paint Protection Film or PPF (also known as Clear Bra), a highly durable, invisible film that protects your car’s paint job from chips, scratches, minor abrasions and more.

Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Elite Clear Bra is a certified dealer, distributor, and installer of clear bra paint protection film or PPF. Our highly trained staff and a commitment to quality workmanship combine to produce a flaw-free product time after time.

Contact Elite Clear Bra today and join the hundreds of satisfied customers whose cars we have helped retain their shine and luster over the last several years!


Rental Car Assistance

Call Jason at 262-224-2469 to learn more.

Special Discounts

Offering a 10% discount to military service members and law enforcement.


Pick Up and Delivery

We are proud to offer pick up and delivery service in our enclosed 22′ car hauler/trailer. We can pick your car up from the dealer after purchase or from your home to prevent unnecessary miles without protection. Great for keeping your vehicle clean and eliminating the need for coordinating drop off and pick up, etc. Call for details!


While Paint Protection Film or PPF is typically applied to the front end of a vehicle, it can also be applied to the entire body, ensuring maximum protection. Regardless of where it’s applied, PPF application is critical for anyone looking to protect their vehicles from the elements, both natural and man made. Not only is PPF suitable for all types of finishes including clear coats, lacquer and powder-coated vehicles, PPF is also lightweight and virtually invisible, ensuring absolutely no disruption to the performance or agility of your vehicle. Best of all, PPF resists staining and maintains a high-gloss level for years. To read more about the benefits of Paint Protection Film, click here.

PPF protects against:

Factory Certified Installer & Authorized Dealer for 3M & XPEL Paint Protection Film as well as STEK DYNOshield

While there are many names and manufacturers of PPF that you may have heard of including LLumar, Paint Shield, Venture Shield, and more, we believe 3M Pro Series, XPEL Ultimate and STEK DYNOshield are the best. 3M, XPEL Ultimate and STEK DYNOshield products are highly affordable and represent the highest quality product in the paint protection film industry.

3M, Xpel and STEK DYNOshield offer maximum durability and come in patterns for just about every make or model on the road. Every pattern is laser-cut ensuring a perfect fit no matter the vehicle, and guaranteed not to yellow or crack for up to 10 years.

Ready to drive a “brand new car” everyday? Contact Elite Clear Bra for your custom PPF installation at 262-224-2469.


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