The Benefits of Clear Bra

Paint protection film, also known as “clear bra,” is an invisible shield for the body of your vehicle. An investment in clear bra is an investment in your car; it will boost the longevity of the vehicle’s exterior integrity and appearance.

Clear bra offers a variety of useful benefits. Because it is resistant to impact, your vehicle’s paint will be protected from chipping and scraping, frequently inflicted by everyday road debris. Further, the film acts as a barrier to staining from moisture and fading from sunshine.

Another unique trait of clear bra is its “self-healing” quality, made possible by the chemicals it’s made from. This means that even in the worst of conditions, clear bra requires no maintenance or replacing for several years.

The Origins of Clear Bra

The urethane technology used in clear bra was initially developed by 3M during the Vietnam War. Because of the material was both lightweight and durable, the military used it to protect helicopter blades and fighter jets. Indeed, urethane continues to be used by the military to this day.

NASCAR has also found clear bra useful. When driving at any speed, let alone race car speed, rocks and pebbles are bound to ding up your car. NASCAR found that clear bra was the perfect solution to keep their product bright and shiny despite the intense nature of the sport.

Today, urethane is widely available for general consumer use. The effectiveness of clear is now widely accepted among automobile protection experts.

The Ingredients of Clear Bra

Paint protection film is primarily made of urethane, which, like plastic, weighs little and is clear in color. However, the film does not share plastic’s fragility; instead, urethane can withstand corrosion, impact, and stretching.

Urethane is as the primary ingredient in bathroom caulk, which creates a seal to prevent moisture and mildew. Because of its strength, urethane is also used on equipment of all sizes, ranging from sporting goods to manufacturing machinery. The uses of urethane are varied, but it is roundly championed as a versatile and useful material.

Choosing Clear Bra

Clear bra has only become more advanced over time, which is why countless drivers count on it to keep their vehicles safer and more attractive for years at a time. Elite Clear Bra offers products from the best brands in the industry, including 3M and Xpel, as well as skillful installation services. With our expert assistance, your paint protection film is guaranteed to be effective for at least ten years!

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